This Angular tutorial helps you get started with Angular quickly and effectively through many practical examples.

Angular vs AngularJS

In this tutorial we will learn about angularJs and Angular. I would say that the guys trying to interrelate AngularJs and Angular further confuse the readers, Actually AngularJs and Angular should be treated as two different frameworks which have some key differences.

Angular's versions beyond 2+ are generally known as Angular only. The starting version of angular 1.0 is known as AngularJS.

Difference between the AngularJS & Angular:
SNo. Category AngularJs Angular
1 Language It support JavaScript It support TypeScript
2 Architecture It supports the Model-View-Controller design. It uses component-based architecture and better algorithm for data binding.
3 Mobile Support It does not support mobile browsers. Angular apps run on mobile devices and various browsers.
4 Components Angular is component-based
5 CLI It does not support CLI tool It support CLI tool
6 Controller It use controller Replaced by components
7 Expression Syntax ng directive Angular focuses on "( )" for event binding and "[ ]" for property binding.
8 Dependency Injection Doesn't use Dependency Injection Uses Dependency Injection
9 Server side Programming Language AngularJS is written in JavaScript which is used with HTML pages and doesn't support the features of a server-side programming language. Angular uses of TypeScript language, which provides Class-based Object Oriented Programming, Static Typing, Generics etc which are the features of a server-side programming language.
10 Routing It uses $routeprovider.when() It uses @RouteConfig{(...)}.
11 Speed more processing on the client-side, page load takes considerable time Provides a better structure and is faster

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