This Angular tutorial helps you get started with Angular quickly and effectively through many practical examples.

JavaScript Environment

Setup JavaScript Development Environment

To develop JavaScript code, we need at least two things: a browser and an editor. Although a webserver is required to host a web application, we will execute our JavaScript code on a single HTML web page. So there is no need to install it.

Browser Mostly,  you already have a browser installed on your PC, such as Microsoft Edge on Windows or Safari on Mac OS. You can also install the browsers listed below if you like.

  1. Microsoft Edge
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla FireFox
  4. Safari
  5. Opera

IDEs for JavaScript Application Development

JavaScript code may be written using a basic editor such as Notepad. You may, however, install any open-source or licenced IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to benefit from IntelliSense support for JavaScript and a syntax error/warning highlighting for faster work.

Some well-known JavaScript editors are listed below.

  1. Visual Studio Code (Free, cross-platform)
  2. Eclipse (Free, cross-platform)
  3. Atom (Free, cross-platform)
  4. Notepad++ (Free, Windows)
  5. Code Lobster (Free, cross-platform)
  6. WebStorm (Paid, cross-platform)

Online JavaScript Editors Use the online editor to run JavaScript code without installing anything. The following are examples of free online editors:


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