This Angular tutorial helps you get started with Angular quickly and effectively through many practical examples.

jQuery Ajax

In this tutorial, you will learn what Ajax and why use ajax with jQuery.

What is Ajax?

Ajax stands for Asynchronous Javascript And Xml. Ajax is just a means of loading data from the server to the application web browser without reloading the whole page. Examples of some applications using AJAX: Flickr, Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube, and Facebook tabs.

Why use jQuery with Ajax?

When we run ajax on different browsers have different syntax for AJAX implementation. This means that you will have to write extra code to test for different browsers. However, the jQuery team has taken care of this for us, so that we can write AJAX functionality with only one single line of code.

Ajax with jQuery

Ajax with jQuery offers simple methods such as load(), $.get(), $.post(), etc. to implement the Ajax that works across all the browsers without written any extra code.

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