This Angular tutorial helps you get started with Angular quickly and effectively through many practical examples.

ExpressJS Introduction

In this tutorial, we will discuss about ExpressJS, Architecture of ExpressJS, why use ExpressJS and Features of ExpressJS.

  1. ExpressJS Introduction
  2. Architecture of ExpressJS
  3. why use ExpressJS
  4. Features of ExpressJS

1. Expressjs Introduction

  1. Express.js was developed by TJ Holowaychuk. The first release, according to Express.js GitHub repository was on 22 May 2010. Version 0.12
  2. ExpressJS as a layer built on the top of the Node.js that helps manage a server and routes.
  3. It is a framework for Node.js.
  4. It is written using JavaScript.
  5. It allows to setup middleware to respond to HTTP Requests
  6. It is used for building backend of web application. So it can be used server side application on NodeJS.
  7. It support MVC Architecture.
  8. It supports JavaScript that is very easy to learn..
  9. ExpressJS you have access to several functions that will facilitate and reduce the development time of your web application. So It is a fast, robust and asynchronous in nature.
  10. 1895 companies reportedly use ExpressJS in their tech stacks, including Twitter, Accenture, and Stack

ExpressJS Architecture

The below architecture diagram show how expressJS internally work with NodeJS Server.

ExpressJS Architecture
  1. Whenever a angularJS application makes a request, After that request enters second stage, where we have Node.js as server side and ExpressJS as backend web framework.
  2. Node.js handles the client/server requests and ExpressJS makes request to the database.
  3. In the last stage, MongoDB (database) retrieves the data and sends the response to ExpressJS.
  4. ExpressJS returns the response to Nodejs and in turn to AngularJS and then displays the response to user or angular Application.

2. Why use ExpressJS?

The following factors which describe why we use ExpressJS not others.

  1. It supports JavaScript that is very easy to learn and is also supportd everywhere ( web application, mobile).
  2. Using ExpressJS you can develop web application in a short period of time.
  3. It is provide middlewares to give respond for HTTP Requests.
  4. It provides simplicity, flexibility for the developers.

3. Features of ExpressJS

Ther are some common features of ExpressJs.

  1. Faster Server side Development - It used some features of NodeJS. That can support anywhere in the program which make develoment fast.
  2. Middlewares  - It allows to give respond for HTTP Requests.
  3. Template - It allows to dynamically render HTML Pages based on passing arguments to templates.
  4. Routing - It provides highly advance routing mechanism.

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