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The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) makes it possible for clients to communicate with servers over the internet. HTTP is a client-server request-response communication protocol.

The two most popular HTTP request methods are GET and POST. They are utilized to send or get data from a server. They are a crucial component of the client-server architecture that allows for client and server communication via the World Wide Web (WWW).


1. GET

Get is used to retrieves a representation of a resource or a collection of resources. It should be used for safe and idempotent operations that do not modify the state of the server.

Example - Retrieve a list of products.

public IHttpActionResult GetProducts()
   // Retrieve and return the list of products


Post is used to send data to the server to create a new resource. It is often used for submitting form data or sending data to be processed on the server.

Example - Create a new product.

public IHttpActionResult CreateProduct(Product product)
   // Create the product and return the result

We'll cover the differences between these two methods in this tutorial.

Difference Between HTTP GET and POST Verb

1 In GET method we can not send large amount of data rather limited data is sent because the request parameter is appended into the URL. In POST method large amount of data can be sent because the request parameter is appended into the body.
2 The GET method supports only string data types The POST method supports different data types such as string, numeric, binary, and so on.
3 Data parameters are included in the URL and visible to everyone. Data is not displayed in the URL but in the HTTP message body.
4 GET is less secure because the URL contains part of the data sent. POST is safer because the parameters are not stored in web server logs or the browser history.
5Request made through GET method are stored in Browser history.Request made through POST method is not stored in Browser history.
6Request made through GET method are stored in cache memory of Browser. Request made through POST method are not stored in cache memory of Browser.
7Data passed through GET method can be easily stolen by attackers.Data passed through POST method can not be easily stolen by attackers.
8In GET method only ASCII characters are allowed.In POST method all types of data is allowed.


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