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JSON JavaScript Example

The below example show how we can use JSON data in JavaScript Application.


Suppose we have a web API and it is uploaded on web server. So we received this text from a web server:

'{"name":"Rohatash", "age":36, "Email":""}'

Use the JavaScript function JSON.parse() to convert text into a JavaScript object:

const parseobj = JSON.parse('{{"name":"Rohatash", "age":36, "Email":""}}');

The below example you can use on HTML page

<h2>JavaScript Object from a JSON String</h2>
<p id="parsetestid"></p>
   const jsontxt = '{"name":"Rohatash", "age":36, "Email":""}'
   const obj = JSON.parse(jsontxt);
   document.getElementById("parsetestid").innerHTML = + ", " + obj.age + ", " + obj.Email;

Now run the code on browser. The following output will show:


Json JavaScript Example

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